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What is NISMO® Performance?

While the vast majority of us drive standard Nissan production vehicles, those aren’t the only vehicles Nissan produces. Nissan also produces an elite group of NISMO® performance cars that represent the pinnacle of Nissan performance and engineering. The NISMO name comes from an abbreviation of NISsan MOtorsport, and vehicles with the NISMO designation come with all the sporty performance you’d expect from the innovative Nissan brand. NISMO vehicles are developed by a group of advanced engineers and test drivers who refine Nissan vehicles to the status of NISMO road cars, creating thrilling, dynamic rides that feel like they’re designed for the race track.

Unparalleled Performance for the Everyday

Rather than restricting top-notch performance to only an elite tier of drivers, NISMO vehicles seek to make such performance available to all who desire it. Nissan offer a wide range of vehicles with NISMO credentials, which give you everything from exceptional aerodynamics to a sleek, sophisticated cockpit to sit back in. NISMO vehicles aren’t meant for the race track: they’re meant for everyday performance on the road that will be unmatched.

When you step on the gas of a NISMO vehicle, you’ll be treated to smooth, quick, and responsive acceleration and exceptional handling. NISMO suspension is competition-tuned, making your ride feel refined and intuitive, which is further enhanced by a thoughtfully-designed and complementary chassis.

Form and Function

NISMO vehicles aren’t simply designed to look sleek and modern, but are intelligently designed to optimize aerodynamics and reduce drag on the road. You’ll be turning heads on the road for both NISMO looks and performance.

The cockpit of NISMO vehicles are designed with the driver in mind. They feature bolstered sport seats that keep you comfortably snug while cornering, and the Alcantara® cloth-wrapped steering wheel creates superior grip as well as elevates comfort.

With over 80 years of experience producing race cars, there’s no better automaker for producing road-ready performance cars that will take your breath away. If you are interested in a NISMO vehicle such as the GT-R NISMO or the 370Z NISMO, visit us at Nissan of Melbourne.